Benefits of Take Five

Our whole school programme is a carefully crafted, needs-based approach to resilience building that over a period of 12 to 24 months trains and supports schools to sustainability embed the impactful Take Five practices in both universal and targeted settings within each school.

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Take Five works best in schools that realise (and embrace!) that resilience building is everyone's job, and brings benefits across every aspect of a school’s life.


Take Five helps with

Take Five was initially designed to help students reduce stress and have greater capacity in school, with peers, and at home. That core remains, and has evolved to also assist students (and staff) with:

Academic Achievement

  • Improves Readiness to Learn
  • Aids classroom management
  • Helps students focus more during lessons, and reduces disruptive classroom behaviour
  • Facilitates young people to have practice tools they can use to manage exam nerves

Feeling Safe and Well

  • Cultivates children and young people to feel safer and more in control
  • Cultivates emotional health and well-being
  • Facilitates improved coping strategies
  • Cultivates self inquiry and reflection to help facilitate better choice making


  • Supports children and young people to have the space to reflect on their own behaviour
  • Provides practical de-escalation tools children and young people can self-apply
  • Cultivates inner spaciousness and skills of responsiveness over reactivity

Personal Development

  • Fosters gentle, kind, and daily self-care
  • Cultivates self-leadership to move forward confidently and authentically
  • Facilitates peer to peer support
  • Fosters personal capacity to help others from a place of safety, empathy, and mutual respect


Take a peek at the colorful flyer describing very real Take Five impact on students, and how school resources can go farther.


Read impact details in a comprehensive report covering multiple facets of improvement, from concentration to self-perceptions and more.