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Each Amazing Breath

Each Amazing Breath is a not for profit organisation that specialises in resilience and capacity building. We offer a range of Services to help foster strength, focus, creativity, and vitality in diverse settings, including work, school, home, and community so that everyone, including people with significant challenges, can grow stronger and more resilient.

Our approach facilitates needs-based mindful resilience building, and tailors a range of skills such as breathing, grounding, and awareness—tools based in practical mindfulness that can be owned, valued, and sustainably, safely, and practically applied into people’s daily lives.

We celebrate the collaboration that is Each Amazing Breath. Based in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, Each Amazing Breath comprises over a dozen dedicated professionals committed to the highest ideals of service and quality.

We work intensively in the East Midlands and Belfast in the UK, and in Chicago and Toronto in N. America.

Standing Strong

We see everyone we work with as strong, and no one as broken. We see, acutely, their deep challenges, and celebrate their resilience, and we put forth our resilience-building to help even those dealing with on-going or past traumatic experiences to find greater power and grace in their own lives.

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