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Thank You

Take Five would not have been possible without the help and support of a large number of amazing people and organisations:

Manton, Worksop - The community that inspired us

In the heart of the Manton estate in Worksop, Nottinghamshire is a community centre where local people meet. Residents from this Centre were integral to the original framing of how we could bring our work meaningfully alive in schools, workplaces and homes in Worksop. We are especially grateful to:

Claire, Karen, Noel, Catherine (BCVS), Leah and Hanna for coming up with the name ‘Take Five’ and for joining us is seeing the amazing potential strength, awaiting awakening, in the Manton Community.

Our Partners

As well as being supportive as organisations Individual Councilors and Officers have played a pivot role. Our sincere thanks to each of you.

Take Five Steering Group members Sincere thanks to Head teachers, teachers, parents, Service manager, Family and Youth Justice Services, Nottinghamshire County Council (NCC), Service Manager Early Years Services (NHS), Closing the Educational Gap Education Advisor (NCC), Young People’s Community Safety Lead (NCC), Children and Young People’s Commissioner (Bassetlaw CCG).

Our Funders

The Schools We Work With

Over 3 years we have worked with over 40 schools in North Nottinghamshire. We are grateful to the staff and young people in every one of them. Over 4000 children and young people now have a daily resilience building practice and over 300 children are trained as Take Five Leaders.

We are especially grateful to Worksop Priory CE Academy, Sparken Hill Academy, Outwood Academy Portland and Valley, as our first 4 schools where we learnt so many lessons and received such welcome and support.

We would particularly like to give a special mention to Sparken Hill Academy for their amazing way they have supported bringing Take Five alive for parents of children at the Academy. Click Here to see an impact report on this work.

We also recognise that a number of schools have gone out of their way to allow us to work with them on capturing impact through reports, films and interviews in their school etc. This all takes time and energy and we are very grateful. In particular we would like to mention: Elizabethan Academy, Retford Post 16, Forest View Academy, Misterton Primary, Ranby Primary, Sparken Hill Academy, Outwood Academy Portland, and Worksop Priory CE Academy.

Please read ‘Our Amazing ‘budding’ Leaders' section (this page), to hear more about the role of Worksop Priory CE Academy in the development of Take Five

In March 2017, we started to work with our first school in Belfast, Ligoniel Primary. It has been very exciting and we offer thanks to all involved, including:

Our Team

Our Trainers:
  • Nottinghamshire based team: Julie Christian, Lesley Howard, Kathy Pearson and Dawn Taylor
  • Belfast Based team: Justine Brown and Dympna Johnston
  • North America based team: Dani Harris and Mark Lilly
  • Our Film maker and musician: Jes Hill
  • Also: Special thanks to Daniel Waples and Nick Jonah Davis for the stellar soundtrack music on some of our films.
  • Our Graphic Designer: Glen Powell
  • Our impact and outcomes evaluator: Natalie Price
  • Our support team: Erica Holden and Sam Wortley
Our Amazing ‘budding’ Leaders

Over 300 children and young people are now trained as Take Five Ambassadors. Each one of them is amazing.

We would like to give a special mention to the Ambassadors at Worksop Priory CE Academy. They have come up with so many ideas of how we can support children and young people to Lead Take Five, help their teachers and their school, as well as ripple Take Five into homes and the community as a whole. Both the children, and indeed the Academy, has been a total inspiration and we recognise and celebrate that they had been a pivotal part of the co-design of Take Five at School.

Worksop Priory CE Academy also developed and piloted our Training the Trainer programme. This element of Take Five at School was co-deigned between Each Amazing Breath and Lesley Howard, Worksop Priory School’s Behaviour Lead. The Academy’s Ambassadors then enthusiastically piloted it, adjusted it and brought it alive. They now have an oversubscribed rolling programme of peer to peer led training. Click here to see a glimpse of this in action.