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Take Five Executive Summary, for Head Teachers

Head Teachers, please use this to help bring resilience-building to your school. Download the PDF Version of this to share with your colleagues.

Take Five...

  • is a safe, universal, and trauma-smart resilience-building skill set built upon breathing, grounding, and other body-based mindfulness practices. It is grounded in a growing body of strong evidence.
  • practices take between 30 seconds and 5 minutes and can be done nearly anywhere at any time. These ongoing, self-sustaining and practical resilience-building tools are designed so that children and young people can self-apply in a range of settings, whenever they feel the need for strength, focus, and control over their own behaviour.
  • facilitates new ways for staff to stay present, grounded, and less stressed than otherwise busy days might bring.
  • builds resilience day to day, and over the long-term. Teachers and Support staff develop practices for themselves, and shortly thereafter learn to share the skills they have begun to master with young people, as well as with colleagues and even parents and other family carers.
  • integrates well into home and school settings to support good mental wellbeing across the entire day, and provide practical preventive tools that children and young people can use at points where stress occurs, to de- escalate and redirect themselves in positive directions.

Key facts about Take Five:

  • Whole School Universal intervention
  • Trauma-smart in relation to resilience building for all, including the most vulnerable (as well as the most high-achieving) pupils, staff, and family members.
  • Can be tailored to targeted needs of specific classes, and for individual pupils
  • Can be applied in very short timeframes – easily fitting into the school day, as and when required
  • Focused on ‘hard-wiring’ a daily resilience building practice that builds benefits daily, for the long-term
  • Children often self-apply the practices both at school and at home and are eager to share and lead.

Take Five helps everyone stay calm and grow more capable every day, and helps forestall young people becoming ‘at risk’ and in trouble. It builds strength, capacity, and everyday resilience.

Who delivers Take Five?

The UK-based ‘not for profit’ organisation Each Amazing Breath developed Take Five. The team works with schools to co-produce then help implement a resilience-building plan and bring alive Take Five based on real-world, local needs.

How long does it take?

The pilot phase of ‘Take 5’ indicated that it usually takes 2-3 terms to bring alive all the key elements however, each school has its own rhythm and pace so the team will make sure the programme is bespoke to the school’s needs and capacity to engage.

How much does it cost?

Take Five packages include all planning, various stages of tailored training, resources for each stage, mentoring, and focussed work with pastoral care and school leadership staff. Take Five packages start at £1,390 for an entire school, and can be paid over multiple terms.

Evidence Base and Impact

Recent research related to impact of brief breath-centred, body-based mindfulness practices are evidenced in the Qualitative and Qualitative Report on the Impact of Take Five at Worksop Priory CE Primary School and Sparken Hill Academy. This report is viewable here.

  • 77% of pupils reported improvement in concentration levels
  • 61% of pupils reported improvement in ability to cope with unexpected change
  • 74% of pupils reported increase in levels of calmness

For more information, please connect with us via the /contact page on our website. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.