Take Five at School

Take Five is a safe, universal resilience building skill set based on breathing, grounding, and awareness.

Our whole school resilience-building is a carefully crafted, needs-based programme that over a period of 12 to 24 months trains and supports schools to sustainably embed the impactful Take Five practices in both universal and targeted settings within every school.

Our approach is suitable for primary, secondary, and special schools. We have developed a range of tested models and processes that we can tailor to meet the needs of each school we work with.

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Key facts about Take Five

  • Whole School Universal and targeted intervention
  • TraumaSmart in relation to resilience building for all, including the most successful, as well as the most vulnerable pupils. To view some special successes, click here.
  • Can be easily tailored to targeted needs of specific classes, and individual pupils
  • Resilience building practices take 1 minute to 5-minute timeframe and easily fit into the school day, as a daily practice
  • Focused on ‘hard wiring’ a daily resilience building practice that accumulatively builds long lasting benefits. Click here to learn more about this.
  • Children grow eager to share and lead practices with family and friends

Is Take Five right for your school?

Schools that are ideal for Take Five have the following characteristics:

  • Resilience building is valued by the Head/ Principal and the Board of Governors and they are willing to proactively support Take Five. Click here to hear the Principal of Elizabethan Academy talk about the need to allocate appropriate staff and resources.
  • School is committed to young people leading their peers. Click here to hear the Principal of Forest View Academy share how Take Five is helping with his commitment to children leading initiatives in his school.

To get started, check out the Take Five packages, and contact us from there.