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Misterton Primary and Nursery School

A Celebration of Children
Growing Stronger and More Resilient, in Nottinghamshire
"Calm as a Bee:
Great for hard-working brains"

(click the kindly bee to watch the children share their experiences of Take Five)

Project Highlights

The children at Misterton Primary and Nursery School share their stories, their brilliance, and their clarity.


Misterton Schools began their whole school resilience building in autumn term 2016, and by November students were first experiencing Take Five.

Each Amazing Breath CIC commissioned film maker Jes Hill to document the impact of Take Five at Misterton Primary and Nursery School in late July 2017. Sunlight was hard to find, but Jes discovered that the Misterton school, and especially the children, were full of light, and Jes noted later that the whole school ‘shone’. The children and teachers were filmed on a rainy day at the end of the summer term, some eight months later.

The nine films take 11 minutes to watch, and Jes has done an amazing job to package the films so that they have a clear focus and any viewer can chose the area of their interest. If you have time, start w/ the children’s film. What the children have to say is revealing and important.

Misterton Films & Snapshots

Less staff time is needed to help children with challenges because they are doing such a great job managing their own behaviours.
Head Teacher Mrs. Jane Cappleman-Jackson leads her students to become more aware of their own present moment.
Being a Take Five Ambassador helped one young student who was on the verge of exclusion become is own special success.
Take Five brings rippling benefits, from students, teachers, and parents to governors, counselors, and trustees.

SENCO/Behaviour Manager and Year 5 Teacher, Suzanne McNamara, explains the impact of Take Five at Misterton Primary and Nursery School.

Children reflect on their experiences with Take Five, their deep understandings about themselves and others, is inspiring!
Head teacher Mrs. Jane Cappleman-Jackson notes an uptick in attendance in the wake of Take Five at her school.
Students find success in self-managing their behaviour during the school day
Take Five saves a huge amount of time and focus, which helps students and teachers both.