Steady Success

Our impact in the world—and that of Take Five—exceeds that which we can measure. We use numbers, words, and most importantly the voices of the people we share this work with, voices of young people of nearly every age, and their parents, teachers, and carers.

They speak for themselves and describe stresses avoided, successes fulfilled, and their journey of growing stronger and more resilient.



Across Transitions

Primary School

Take Five at School strengthens children in ways that are as safe as possible, developmentally appropriate, and fun. They learn to lead, collaborate, and reflect, while improving school skills and academic readiness.

Teachers Leading Take Five to Year 6 Pupils

Take Five at School - Year 2 Priory

Secondary School

Take Five in secondary schools meets young people where they are, and honours their wisdom, confusion, verve, and future-focused mindsets It helps them cultivate strengths they are often not aware they even possess.

First term Year 7’s at secondary school

‘Wellbeing, resilience and academic success go hand in hand’

At Home

Take Five young people often bring the practices home and share them with those they love most dearly, helping parents reduce stress, siblings feel more calm, and the whole family grow stronger and more resilient.

'It helps with stress levels'

Families share Take Five at home