Reports Overview

Each Amazing Breath have worked tirelessly over the last 4 years to develop a sustainable, needs based, resilience building model that can be successfully embedded anywhere, so that young people and adults can realise their innate strength, and build capacity to cope and thrive despite life's challenges.

Each report shares detailed impact data – whether that be qualitative or quantitative – methodology and relevant information unique to each project. Please click on each report to view it's related film, summary, and artwork.

Highlighted Reports

Parent and Carer In-depth Interview Report, Sparken Hill Academy, Nottinghamshire, 2016.
This report provides information on the impact of a ‘Take Five in the community’ programme at Sparken Hill Academy, Manton, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, through in-depth interviews and testimonies and shares the amazing journeys & often profound experiences.
Year 12 Impact Report, Retford Oaks Post-16 Centre, Nottinghamshire, 2017.
This report shares the voices, experiences and perspectives of three year 12 students of Retford Oaks Post 16 Centre who took part in ground breaking work of bringing Take Five and Each Amazing Breath’s ‘Ambassador Programme’ to an older audience.