Take Five at School Quantitative Report

"Sometimes we all need to stop and take a deep breath before we say or do something out of character. This technique has given the young people the skill and ability to identify that moment and deal with it. It’s also given them the confidence to be able to deliver the training themselves throughout their school and has been a key asset to changing behaviours for the better, not just of the young people involved, but also the adults."
Councillor Glynn Gilfoyle – Chair of the Community Safety Committee at Nottinghamshire County Council.

This report is Each Amazing Breath’s first ever impact report and focuses on sharing the quantitative impact data from 9 weeks of daily resilience building ‘Take Five’ practices undertaken at 2 primary schools in Worksop, Nottinghamshire in 2015

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Take Five at School Quantitative Report

The focus of this evaluation report is on how impactful ’Take Five’ has been at delivering outcomes in relation to academic resilience, social and emotional well-being, self-management and behavioural control.

The ground-breaking work at Worksop Priory CE Primary Academy and Sparken Hill Academy, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, was funded by the Home Office and Nottinghamshire Police ‘Preventing Demand’ pilot and with key partners including Bassetlaw, Newark and Sherwood Community Safety Partnership and Nottinghamshire County Council.

Each school’s unique culture and demographic and the journey they undertook during this pilot, together with the impressive results from both schools, are featured in the report, highlights include:

  • 77% of pupils reported an improvement in concentration levels post practice.
  • 74% of pupils indicated and increase how calm they felt post practice.
  • 57% of students noticed an increase in how positive hey felt about themselves after taking part in a practice.

Alongside the extensive data reports for both schools, the report also shares some Head Teacher, teacher and children’s comments and thoughts on ‘Take Five’, who report that:

  • Take Five helps by creating a calmer and more settled atmosphere in the classroom
  • Children are much calmer, focussed and ready to learn following ‘Take Five’
  • ‘Take Five’ is helping Head Teachers to achieve an ethos of not just focussing on academic success, but on the whole child.

The report explains the thoughtfully crafted and innovative evaluation approach and methodology to how key principles of ‘Take Five’, such as grounding and awareness, impacted resilience and self-mastery in the children over the 9 weeks. It also discuses pupils identified most ‘at risk’ and delves into the finer details of the impact ‘Take Five’ practices had for them.

Also included in the report is: background information about ’Take Five’, details about key members of the team; including the pivotal steering group, quotes from the Principal, Head Teacher and staff who were trained in ‘Take Five’ and others whom helped bring this project alive.

To view the impressive Executive Summaries of Impact from both schools, please view the full report.

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