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  • Each Amazing Breath
    Helping people grow stronger
    and more resilient.
    A UK-based Community Interest Company
  • Strong and Resilient
    Everyone is Brilliant
    We are dedicated to the enduring well-being of every person

Each Amazing Breath

Each Amazing Breath helps students, staff, parents, and schools build resilience, to meet needs, and to thrive in their own lives. We foster embodied capacity with family, self, work, and community.

Founded by Mark Lilly Mark Lilly and Helen Whitney, Each Amazing Breath specialise in the delivery of safe, cost effective, universal as well as targeted, mindful resilience and capacity building for schools, families, workplaces, and communities. We aim for everyone—including people with significant challenges—to grow stronger and more resilient every day.

Take Five is whole-school resilience building for primary and secondary schools.

Each Amazing Breath

Take Five

Each Amazing Breath's Take Five is a resilience and capacity building skill set based on breathing, grounding, and awareness.

Getting Started with Take Five

Impact & Benefits

  • Students learn to breathe and to lead, and grow stronger in classrooms, at home, outside, and as ambassadors.
  • Grown-ups of all stripes use Take Five to create calmer and more exuberant schools, homes, and workplaces.